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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Does He Like Me? How to Know If He Is Interested

Does He Like Me? How to Know If He Is Interested

If you are in the beginning of a relationship, how do you know if he really likes me? Are there specific signs which point to him liking me? How can I find out for sure if he is interested?
Trying to figure out if he really likes me is one of the hardest parts of a new relationship. While you may be head over heels in love with him, he may not feel the same way about you. However, there are a few dead giveaway signs that will tip his hand and let you know just how he feels about you.

He Babbles
A guy who really likes you will babble on and on when he has a conversation with you. He will do this because he has a fear of silence and also because he is trying to make a connection with you. This is also a sign of being nervous around you and that he is trying to make a good impression.
He Wants to Relate
You will know a guy is into you when he wants to relate to you. He will do this by bringing up things that he likes to do such as experiences and hobbies in the hope that you like to do the same things. He may also mention his pet peeves and family in order to see just how compatible you are with each other.
He Smiles
Another great sign that he likes you is if you catch him smiling at you a lot. A smile is not only a great self esteem weapon, but it also indicates an openness and willingness to get to know you better. In addition, it can also stand for approval.
He Pokes Fun at You
He will really like you if he pokes fun at you in a playful manner. This is nothing hurtful, but he may crack a joke about something that happened to you. This shows that he is comfortable enough that he can be himself around you. He is also hoping that his jokes will make you smile and laugh along with him.
He Asks You Along
Of course, any guy who is interested in you will ask you out on a date. However, you can know that he is very interested if he asks you to go with him on an outing that will also include his best friends. This means that he wants to be seen with you and show you off to his best buds.
Gives You His Digits
While everyone is on Facebook, a better way to know that someone is interested in you is if they give you their phone number, email or let you know their work number as well.
Gives Compliments
Another great way to know that he is into you is if he gives you compliments. You can even tell just how interested he is by the words he chooses such as pretty or beautiful. If he is nice or gives compliments to everyone, then you may need to find other clues to see how interested he is. However, if he reserves them for you, then he is falling for you.
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